Wednesday, June 20, 2007

China is now the first C02 producer

Nowadays everything is "made in China"... so why not also CO2 :>

According to this article, China is now the biggest producer of CO2 on the planet... and one of the last single-party communist-countries.

By the way, it seems that Russia is closing too :}
See below (even if these figures are a bit old, and it does not show the aggregated Commonwealth of Independent States CO2 production)

And China is not known for its environmentally friendly ideas.
In fact, it seems that ecological thinking is mostly an invention of the western countries, and that in the far east it is not in-line with common sense or political wisdom.
To read more about the ecological situation of China go here (for example).

I really wander how our EU butt-kisser politicians are going to deal with China now, when EU's traditional position is that USA is the evil polluter...

(And I totally agree with this article: here)

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