Thursday, May 17, 2007

France joins the club :(

Why letting the people decide on the European constitution?
Why wasting time trying to explain the advantages and disadvantages of the treaty?
Why respecting the voters and stop trying to revive a dead document?

Apparently both Germany and (now) France consider the idea of people voting just an annoyance. In fact:
'' Arriving in Berlin to meet with Chancellor Angela Merkel only hours after taking office, he [Sarkozy] announced, "The first matter of urgency is to get the European Union out of its current paralysis." ''

And this paralysis is not caused by a constitution that sucks or because the politicians forgot to explain what they are doing to 25 lands...
No: it is due to the stupid idea of letting people vote.
So what is the simple solution to this paralysis?

Do as the other super-democratic countries like Italy, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Hungary, ect (see here for the complete list) did!

''The new [French] president favors a much slimmer version of the draft charter, which he would ratify in Parliament rather than by referendum.''

Et voila' :D

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