Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Free mp3s - legally

There seems to be a nice comeback: free mp3 download (via p2p) from internet...

Nothing new you say?
Well... according to com'on (a danish website) the new idea is to use advertisement in your peer2peer client to pay for the mp3 you actually download.
In this way they are perfectly legal!

An really think it is an interesting option, and after all if I remember my economy lectures in high-school, it is the standard way of working for radio stations. So it could work just as well in the internet market...

A p2p software that supports this concept is spiralfrog.

I also hope that with more projects like this, the authors could regain some control over the music market and perhaps be able to produce and sell more directly to the public... I really would like to know that when I listen to my Clapton collection, mr slowhand gets the money he earned :)

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