Tuesday, August 08, 2006

RamDisks, hibernation and OperativeSystems

Can I:
1- install some OS (LINUX probably) on the HD of my old Celeron,
2- run the OS in ram,
3- use/change programs, navigate, store bookmarks, ect.
4- hibernate all when I turn off the machine...
5- and start the PC again as if it had keept running all the time
(with the OS still running in ram)

(I have to admit I haven't kept very much in touch with the Linux community lately)

Anyway: I have actually found some people studing this thing.

Apparently LINUX Knoppix has something called UnionFS that can be used for exactly this purpose :)

Check also UnionFs.

I still have to investigate in more details, but possible candidates for my old machine are:
or possibly MandrivaOne

(This is also relevant, it seems)

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