Saturday, July 08, 2006

Using TCL with Javascript

Is it possible?

I've finally been able to play a little with Python (after 2 years that I was planning to) and I find it a nice and refreshing language.
After 1 hour (from installation to running and typing a few examples, from the standard documentation) I could make a few classes and create some objects, and of course write some functions (also high level) and implement classic (useless :> ) things like factorials and Fibonaccian numbers :)

Nice ideas for the syntax and I especially like the treatment of lists/arrays and the fact that you can actually assign multiple variables simultaneously :)

Then I started reading about the graphics part (which turns out to be TCL/TK)...
and I've got an idea: why not learning TCL and using it also for my favorite scripting language, Javascript? :D

So here are some links to the topic of javascript and TCL:
. A Tcl(Tutorial for Cool Languages) for Tcl/Tk
. Scripting: Higher Level Programming for the 21st Century
. Advantages and Disadvantages of OOP
. Java Sketchbook: Getting Started With Scripting

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