Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Stem cells

This is the XXI century, as I try to keep in mind, and the things that were supposed to happen in the future are in fact starting to happen :)

For example, there are 2 new incredible results from the stem cell research:

  1. we soon will not need to use embrios to generate stem cells, at all: your normal cells will be reactivated, so they can behave as if they where in an embrio (yours actually), and become whatever kind of tissue you need. Need a new kidney? Just provide a few cells :)
    Read here.
  2. and recently researchers have been able to fix the spines of laboratory rats, and make them walk again. Cool, eh?
    Detauls here.

My father actually loosed a kidney recently, he is fine, but I cannot avoid being thrilled by news like these!

Generation of the '70s... welcome to our future.

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