Saturday, April 08, 2006

A splendid image of the Italian elections


Please note that:
1- Prodi is depicted as a priest, with a necklace representing the communist symbol of the hammer and sickle... That is because he started his political carrier in the
ranks of the former Italian christian-democrats (DC) and he is also the leader of the left-oriented coalition (of more than 6 parties). He is the expression of the typical Italian mixture of chirstian and communist values (usually quite distant in their predicaments)...

2- he is saying:
Do as I do:
pass your wealth
to your heirs!
If we win,
those morrons
of the center-right
will support us
with their taxes!"

3- the flag is even more funny: it has a hammer and sickle made like a branch of
olive tree (the former symbol of the left-coalition, used for the previous
political campain 10 years ago, when Prodi and Berlusconi were also candidates.
Italy has a pretty blocked political situation, as you can see... ).
It is also the symbol of easter, so related to the moment in which the vote
takes place.
The hammer instead is the kind used by the judges, and it represents the fact that in Italy a large number of judges openly dislikes Berlusconi so much that they continously try to incriminate him, especially during political campains and
usually with silly accusations that end up in nothing.
The fact that this behavior causes the whole country to appear completely
ridiculous from abroad, does not stop them. Too bad.

I find these kind of satirical drawings really multifaceted and fun,
and usually the author (Forattini) doesn't take sides, and likes to
show how crazy and stupid the Italian political VIPs are, all of them!

Ps I live in Denmark, and you cannot immagine what the local press writes about Italy in this period... It all sounds like "banana republic"... and they only re-publish european agencies, like "ritzau" :>

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