Friday, February 10, 2006

Pig a' la hibernate

Here is the recipe:
take a live adult pig, anaesthetise it, cut open its abdomen and
slice a major artery. Let it bleed and collect the blod (circa 50% of
the animal's).
Then pump preservation fluid in, chilled at 2 degrees C, so to replace the lost
blod. This will cool the animal from 37 to 10 degrees C, causing profound hypothermina.

Now your pig is in suspended animation: hibernated!
It can stay like that for at least 90 minutes without suffering any damage.

To revive it, simply warm the blood and reintroduce it.

Simple and briliant. I can already imagine a pigs-in-space version of
Alien, where a nice female pig will interpret the part of Sigourney Weaver ;)

[Source: New Scientist - 21 january 2006 - page 28-32]

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