Thursday, November 18, 2004

AI and our mind

I've read "From complexity to creativity" (Goertzel) and I think it is a terrific book. It gives a lot of interesting ideas to whoever wants do develop human-like (or animal-like) creatures with a mind similar to ours.

He proposes that optical illusions are not simple an unwanted side-effect of our visual perception mechanisms, but more the effect of a general feature that we use to make sense of the world; it is a kind of form-enhancing distortion that helps in joining broken stimuli into coherent objects.

This process could be going on also in our brain, so when we learn something, the various concepts are rearranged, to enhance them and their correlation, in a very similar way.

Further in the book Goertzel also talks about a possible theory of human personality, as composed by many sub-personalities, with complex dynamical equilibria among them.


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