Thursday, September 09, 2004

Genetic Algorithms and image compression

someone of you will recall that I was dreaming about a way of compressing data while they sit in the CDs...
Maybe some non-ortodox, slow but powerful, compression technique can be devised by using genetic algorithms...
I decided to make a little research on the subject and here are a few articles discussing some interesting possibilities :)

I was actually thinking of working in this way:
  1. define a simple language with vectorial primitves (like a mini-SVG) plus some bitblitting operations (select&copy pixel-wise operators) plus some functions that can generate images (like procedural textures). Let's call this language BURP (because when you have to digest all these things together, it can be hard!)

  2. given a picture, define a population of algorithms expressed in BURP, and use the G.A. idea. The fitness will be:
    • algorithmLength * k1 +
    • timeToRegenerateImage * k2 +
    • evaluationOfQuality * k3 (this one can be just the Hamming distance from the original)

So by manipulating the 3 constants we can get a faster or slower (k2), longer or shorter (k1), more or less precise (k3) reconstruction of the original image :) I have to find some time and play with this idea... =} (The final version should be applicable to movies!!)

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